Elevated Living: 3 Tips to Refine Your Space

Elevated Living: 3 Tips to Refine Your Space

Our spectacular Gulf Coast Florida town, known to many as Sarasota and her islands, is known for its culture, arts, dining, natural beauty, elevated experiences, properties, and the luxury lifestyle that so many enjoy. Whether you are seeking out a modern architectural masterpiece or a historic bungalow exuding timeless old Florida style, Sarasota's real estate portfolio offers a diverse array of styles for almost anyone who wants to call this city home. We’ve thought a lot about how to bring the best of Sarasota culture to the forefront of real estate and design and that’s where we land on the concept of Elevated Living.

Within this cultural epicenter is the idea of Elevated Living. Elevated Living is a mindset, lifestyle, and experience that is all about creating an environment and lifestyle that enhances the quality of your life. It’s sustainable, it’s holistic, and it’s all about weaving together connection and purpose into your choices.

The concept of Elevated Living, as it relates to real estate, centers around envisioning your ideal home and living space and taking steps to create this refined style. It’s all about taking what you have and bringing it to the next level. Working with the architectural features of your home and enhancing them, making great use of the space you have, and showcasing the features that feel most aligned with your lifestyle. 

So as we explore what Elevated Living means, we also want to offer some tips to get started on your journey.


Here are 3 Tips to Refine Your Space:

  1. Cultivate an Oasis

No matter what size or type of home you have, creating a serene and sustainable environment by investing in quality and thoughtfully made items, repurposing your favorite things, and incorporating elements of nature, all go a long way in an Elevated Space. Think serene atmosphere, indoor plants, candles, curated artwork by local artists or prints from your favorites. When you work to evoke a sense of tranquility this creates an oasis, elevating your living space to be thoughtfully designed to work best for you. All while bringing in a sense of calm and peace.  Regardless of the size of your residence, create a luxurious and serene environment by investing in high-quality furnishings, and incorporating elements of nature such as indoor plants, natural light, and soothing color palettes. Enhance the ambiance with soft lighting, candles, and curated artwork that evoke a sense of tranquility. 

  1. Prioritize Experiential Living

Embrace the connections and culture in your local community and think about the balance between experiences and possessions. When it comes to your home, it’s often the experience of being in your home that drives the design over the things that you think you ‘need’ in the space. Creating a space that allows you to feel the most authentic, focuses on embracing the experience of living there, and ties in elements from your local artists, natural setting, and community, brings a balance to your possessions. So by curating a life and home filled with memorable items and enriching experiences, you are elevating the richness of life and your space. 

  1. Curate a Timeless Aesthetic

Trends are wonderful, we love a good color palette, a fun design, maybe even a wallpaper that elevates the room, or ceiling dare we say? Here’s the deal though, we won’t be drawn to every trend nor will we want to use time, resources, and energy to redesign or keep up with those trends. So what’s the tip? Stick to an overall timeless aesthetic. This means focusing on what brings you joy, investing in well-made new or thrifted items that really help the functionality of your space. Highlight architectural elements, interior finishes, and landscape designs that flow into your natural surrounding. Enduring designs and classic materials made to help enhance your living space and lifestyle are another key tip for elevated living. 


So if you have a vision for your home and find that you can shift your design choices to elevate your space and lifestyle, you’ll be utilizing what you have and focusing on making it work better for you. Elevated living is mindful, sustainable, and community focused living, bringing the essence of your natural environment and enhanced functionality to the heart of your space.

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